Not-So-New Album Reviews

Here’s the inaugural post of my new series: Not-So-New Album Reviews. I constantly find myself getting into an album that came out a few years ago. Sometimes it’s new to me, sometimes it’s just a good time to go back to it. Don’t you ever come late to the music party but still want to share it? I know I do, and I hope this introduces you to some releases that you might have missed, or sparks a re-visit to a great album. C’mon, you know you love leftovers!  So do me a favor, let me know what you’ve been listening to lately! New/old/unknown it doesn’t matter. I’m re-visiting some great albums and want to share it! 

Not-So-New Album Review #1

Burning Airlines - Mission: Control! (1999)

J. Robbins, a man who has been known around the post-punk/hardcore scene in the late 90’s and early 00’s created this interesting band with his former bandmate Bill Barbot from Jawbox. Burning Airlines, an interesting name, took a whole new meaning after the September 11 attacks in New York. This proved to be a difficulty for the band when many venues refused to broadcast the name “Burning Airlines,” on their bills. 

The album plays nicely, and you can get the songs bouncing around your head after just one listen. I have left and revisited this album many many times over the years. One of the most striking aspects to the album is just how tight the trio is. It’s definitely more poppy that their preceding Jawbox tracks, but it’s so tight and catchy that it just works. The drums are grooving, the guitar riffs and melodies bounce right on top and keep it alive, and J. Robbins’ low range voice brings it all together.

All in all, its a steady rock album and definitely worth a good listen. The first half is more tame and steady rocking, while the last half pics up the pace and the mood. This will definitely get your head rocking!


Mac Demarco - Blue Boy

Keeping the vibe relaxed, his guitar melodies seem to flow like ocean waves on a sunny day. If you’re in the mood to kick back and relax, Mac Demarco will totally set the mood for you. Enjoy the summer time and keep this in the summer playlist.


Real Estate - Talking Backwards

From their latest release, “Young and Old,” with the same good sound. This album is a perfect summer soundtrack for trips to the beach and chilling with your friends. Enjoy


Fat Fox Fanclub - Big Hip

This is a fun little band from Tokyo. It’s funky, it’s goofy, and so quintessentially Japanese! FFF will totally get your head grooving in a totally different way! Don’t think Melt Banana weird, but more like a little Japanese girl who loves the Chili Peppers. 


Wanna-Gonna - Abendrot

Chill indie rock from Japan. This little known band is playing gigs in and around the Tokyo area. I’d say they’re really like a Japanese “American Football,” just really chill melodies and easy vocals. They just dropped their self titled EP around the area’s record stores. Give them some support!


G-Eazy ft. Jay Ant - Far Alone

Love me cause my ego

- Brian B

Burning Hearts - Into the Wilderness

I can’t believe I stumbled onto a song which has to be about Grizzly Man. Absolutely great song either way.

Brian B